Chef Marla holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston. In 2015, she completed the Hospitality MBA program at Johnson & Wales University in Denver. She worked as a Chef Instructor and professor of Hospitality at The Art Institute, Metropolitan State University, and The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. She’s spent time in some of the top fine dining kitchens in the United States and is professionally trained in the art of sushi making.

Marla has worked as a kitchen manager for The Cooking Channel, a freelance food stylist, and her food writing has been published in a handful of culinary publications. In 2012, Marla traveled to China as a guest of the Chinese Hotel Association to take part in two international culinary trade shows. In 2014, she traveled to Thailand to train with Chef Roongfa Sringam.

In 2011, Marla was diagnosed with Celiac disease, forever altering the way she cooks/eats. She’s skilled at gluten-free cooking and adapting recipes for those with dietary restrictions.

An expert on food safety and sanitation, Marla holds 3 ServSafe certifications from the National Restaurant Association (ServSafe Manager, ServSafe Proctor, and ServSafe Instructor).

In addition to Fresh Beets Kitchen, she also owns and operates Scarlet FireĀ®, an artisanal hot sauce company.