“Chef Marla was very knowledgeable in answering our cooking questions. Everything was very well prepared, the session was engaging and the food delicious. Definitely want to try another class with Chef Marla”

- Stephanie

“Chef Marla came to our house for a 6 person Thai cooking class. She was friendly, well prepared, and happy to accommodate any requests both before and during the class. My wife is gluten free, it turns out Chef Marla is as well, and not only prepared the food accordingly but was also conversant about GF Thai food generally and spots around town to check out. Overall a great experience, including enjoying the leftovers!”

- Joseph

“I purchased through a fundraiser a Thai cooking class and dinner for 8 with Marla. It was a huge success! What a way to throw a party. Chef Marla and her assistants had everything precut and ready to go as they talked us through on what to do, how to mix, what to roll, how to sit, eat and enjoy. Marla was very professional and pleasant to work with. The menu choices she selected (and i pre-approved), were excellent and each chores complimented the next. I am proud to recommend Marla. (And she did the dishes)! “

- Gigi D.

“Marla and Fresh Beets did a beautiful job at my baby shower! We had vegetarian and gluten free needs and she was able to create a delicious menu that made everyone happy! Her service was extremely professional and responsive. I highly recommend!”

- Carmen B.

“Wow! Fresh Beets Personal Chef Service by far exceeded my expectations. Our previous chef had relocated, this led us to hire Marla as she came highly recommend by another chef. We asked that our meals be done Paleo and Gluten free. My entire family has been enjoying amazing, healthy, flavorful meals and we could not be happier! We enjoy cooking together as a family as much as possible and Marla was able to prepare and group everything so we could finish it up together as a family even on the busiest days. Her service to our family has been nothing short of incredible, it is clear she has a passion for cooking. Thank you Marla!”

- Andrea S.

“Chef Marla is a pleasure to work with. You really took the time to understand our nutritional and dietary needs. And customize a menu exactly to that. It was healthy and extremely flavorful. We also like to pack our lunches, so we had leftovers & it really made life so convenient not only for dinner, but also for lunches.

You absolutely should do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some meals from Chef Marla! I can’t recommend her enough!”

- Rachel R.

“Marla was amazing. She came to my home and spent so much time talking to me about my family’s likes and dislikes and all our food requirements. She put together a weeks worth of lovely dinners for my family. It was very convenient to have meals ready to go that were so tasty and healthy. I loved how she came to my home to prepare all the meals. It was awesome to see how she cooks!”

- Nada A.